Monday, February 23, 2009


I assume you are here, because you are fiberholic, but I think you can probably appreciate all art.

The reason I bring this up, is that I'd like to shine a different spotlight on Kiriko Moth of Painted Moth Fiber Arts...I know you are think: "Why on Earth does she need ANOTHER spotlight, she's all you talk about- what with the Spin Your Scraps Contest and all- sheish!" However, I'm just not sure if you paid her her due and fully explored her blog, clicked her links. Specifically, I wanted to point out that she is a freelance illustrator...and she is freakin' awesome! You must check her out!!

Why?! Let me bring you back around to fiber...
Kiriko created this totally awesome, unique, custom, one of a kind, just for me Pin-Up Girl to put on my handspun skein labels and such! Just to state the obvious: she's knitting!! I told you would be interested.

Kiriko worked with me on this. Listening to my ideas and preferences while supplying the experience, know-how, and talent to bring it all together. Whatever business you are in- Kiriko's custom illustrations would be an image booster!

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