Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Other things I do in public

I love to read! I saw the Amazon Kindle and just knew I had to have one! My husband looked at them and decided that the Sony eReaders were getting better reviews, so that's what we got. The eReader fits in to my handbag with much greater ease than my yarn, and I take it with me when I think I won't actually get to use it...or the kids didn't let me finish my chapter.

So, I won some free laser hair removal (hope that is not too personal and off topic for ya) and I am sitting in the waiting room and I whip out my eReader, since I don't expect to be waiting long. Instead of reading, I spend the whole time explaining what it was to each new person who comes in. I thought this was super crazy, because I am never on the cutting edge of technology. One lady wanted to know if it was expensive and I was like wince sort of, I told her about how much and she thought I was looney. She said "I guess that's okay if you're a reader". Huh? Aftwerwards I realized the cost of the reader was a drop in the bucket compared to the cost of the hair removal! I have since realized that people don't read anymore and that is why no one has seen these electronic books.

After reading many forum post about strange things non-knitters have said to you or weird reactions while knitting in public, I have started to wonder how long it will be before it is considered strange to read out and about. Paper is just so last century.


Robyn said...

Having just had a gas shortage with super long lines in Western Carolina, I just sat and knit or spin and could care less how long the line was- many woman commented- Why didn't I think of that!

Saebbe said...

I'm glad you posted this... I'm interested in the kindle too. I was looking at a comparison of the other readers out there and the kindle has the biggest memory available (can use a 4G card) is able to receive wirelessly for free, also receives magazines and newspapers.... I don't think that can be beat unless I didn't pull up the correct reader. It also has access to wikipedia! heh, (sorry reading and typing at the same time) Can you post a link to your reader? Also super 'win' on your blog and getting your exhibitionist up on rav... hope you many many sale ;-)