Monday, October 27, 2008

Rainbow Roving

If I had a cause, the ribbons would be rainbow colored. And, yes I know that it is fall and I should be all into brown and orange, but it is still so warm that my naked children are sticking their thumbs in the hose and making rainbows in the backyard. Besides, who can resist a rainbow?

This roving is for some felted butterfly appliques that will go on a bag I am knitting. It is also my first attempts with acid dyes. I became aggravated with the book I bought, because it did not have super-anal details, like a mathematical formula to determine how the colors would pool. I immediately decided to go in the opposite direction and let an organic blending of the colors happen. (Plus, I only ordered primary colored dyes tee hee hee). I went even farther with the flow, by letting my three-year-old son get in on the action. His roving is on the right and will become a pair of fingerless gloves for him. I couldn't be happier that he wanted to help! My six-year-old thinks I am a nut and wasting my time- however, when we showed him brother's dyed fiber, he wanted to know where his is. Ugh! I still think I will work at a formula...

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