Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Luxury Fiber

CASHMERE! That's right. All caps. C-A-S-H-M-E-R-E!!

All for me! To spin! For ME!

I have 6oz of pure CASHMERE and 6oz of 50/50 CASHMERE/Silk!!

The CASHMERE is NOT easy to work with. Capital N-O-T! I looked up some pointers, gave it a stern talking to, warned it that it would be reduced to Cashmere if it didn't behave better and it is getting a little easier- at least it is not falling off the lead every two seconds. The fiber is very short and has absolutely no will to stick to itself. So, the pointers are to use a fast whirl and slow intake- lots and lots of twist. Ridiculous amounts of twist. And, then some more twist. I also find that I need to keep the drafting triangle very small- drafting hand stays very close to fiber hand. Also, also, it is counter-productive to "smooth" the twist into the fibers- this just makes it fuzz up is better to draft and let go so the twist snaps in quickly- making sure to have a firm grip in fiber hand, so the strand doesn't break.

The silk is not nearly so frustrating, but it is a lot lighter in color. I will need to dye it before spinning if I don't wish to have a barber pole yarn.

It is no longer fantastic fluff. :( However, petting my bobbin, it still seams like the softest thing I have ever felt. I shall spin a small sample to ply before continuing to reassure myself that it is not going to be a horrible over twisted, super expensive snarl.

Silly me. I was thinking the hard part would be deciding what to make with it.

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