Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sit and Spin Coils

Leading up to buying the Sit and Spin DVD I was trying to learn coils on my own. My first attempt was sad. :( A lot of the coils just look like under-spun fluff that might fall apart. And, knitting up a sample just looks like thick spots.

After watching the Insubordiknit DVD, I now realize that this was not the ideal fiber for this project...which, BTW, is Kiriko Moth's Morning Glories colorway.

So, I was super excited when Kiriko repaid me for fiber with some Caribbean Blue merino! It is freaking gorgeous! I thought it would be a great opportunity for practice and for others to try some art yarn... Everybody wants to know if you can knit with the super coils, so I decided to make some of the colorway a nice even yarn and some of it with coils, so that there would be lots of yardage to play with this perfectly matched yarn. I still have lots of Claudia's Handpainted left and it just happened to be a perfect match for this roving! The smooth yarn is Racing Striped and the coils are plyed with the silk. The big picture is that they are beautiful and I kinda just wanted to keep it on my desk to pet.

The close ups are a little less fantastic and not really what I was hoping for. Some of the coils are just blobs. But, some of them were just what I pictured.

Kiriko loved it and couldn't stand to see me sell my less than perfect yarn at a discount, because she so thourouly loves this color. So, she stole it back and made a must-see-cowl. I am getting closer to the perfect coils. And, now Kiriko owes me more fiber!
Mwa ha ha ha!

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